About us

I am grateful to be able to collaborate on my projects with experienced professionals who are also my friends. Please meet my team.

Luka Maras, web designer, strategist, CEO


More than 14 years as a web designer and strategist I have planned, designed and built websites for clients worldwide. I work with clients to develop their web presence that stands out and delivers across the digital world. I am also an assistant at Algebra, the leading regional university college.

Tomislav, programmer and developer


A polyglot developer proficient in many front end and back end technologies, Tomo has developed scalable solutions for small, medium businesses, banks and big enterprises. With extensive experience in the IT industry, he is able to provide invaluable advice concerning the functional and technical direction of a project.

Moniroz, designer


Moniroz is a gifted designer who has created outstanding visual identites for a myriad of companies and individuals across all industries. Be it a logotype, stationery or a website, she brings her sharp, delicate touch to all visuals.

Dražen, designer and developer


Dražen is a multitalented web and print designer. A polyglot with a background as a diplomat and translator, his ability to communicate ideas across different cultures and languages is exceptional.